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HewDaily a posted Mar 13, 17



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We've been updated to 1.12 for a couple days now and if there's one thing we realized from this update it's this:  we have to start maintaining all our plugins that are open sourced.

There are so many great plugins that we use that are no longer maintained and are years old.  Instead of always scrambling to find the latest replacement for yesterday's hottness we're just going to start maintaining these plugins.

Besides that....?  Nothing.  ENJOY THE PARROTS! ;)  (the new blocks ain't too shabby either).

1.11.2 Was A Success!

HewDaily a posted Mar 13, 17

Everything works!  We're ready.  We're actually, finally ready.  The basics are there:  first time login takes the lobby tutorial, gets ranked up to Neophyte, and then the autoranking feature of the servers kicks in and continues to rank people up based on play time.  Daily, Weekly, and Monthly rewards, and the permissions they sometimes hand out, continue to run as smooth as butter.  MinigamesLib updated!  And much more.  It's such a relief it's hard to describe.  We're excited.

But we're not done!  LOTS of things are planned for the Games server, as usual, but the big news is Survival:  we're going to be adding a very involved set of quests.  We will never stop making Survival more challenging and, more importantly, more interesting to even the most bored of Survival players.  The addition of quests and the way we're thinking of implementing them should add many many more hours of fresh Survival gameplay.


...And then there was 1.10

HewDaily a posted Jun 16, 16

Seems like everything is working.  Polishing up continues behind the scenes.  Hopefully no surprise 1.11 in the next month or 2 ;)

We're Loving 1.9.4!

HewDaily a posted May 22, 16

A Legit Games Server?

Yeah, we're thinking it's pretty decent.  We've spent 2 months looking at free and not-free games plugins and building arenas for the different game types.  We think you'll have some fun.  If you think curating Minecraft server games is easy, even with a wallet ready to pay for them, then you're wrong - there's a lot of crap out there.  We've sifted through the crap and have compiled some decent games and, hopefully, produced some excellent arenas that compliment those games.  BONUS:  We haven't nerf'd the payouts yet - so get on and get paid WAY MORE than you deserve (for a little while ;) ).

Survival Rewards!

Just like in the Lobby there are now Daily, Weekly, and Monthly rewards crates to find at Survival spawn.  Don't worry, they are EXTREMELY easy to find as they're all within 50-75 blocks of where you get your keys for the crates.  Mainly, the Survival Rewards provide blocks that are sometimes a pain to collect.  However, the rare-chance items are pretty cool.  Just like in the Lobby, if you find a rewards chest you can left-click on it to see what you might win, and the odds of winning it.  Did someone say Elytra wings?  Yesssss!


A lot of things have been done to make everything "smoother".  If we've done our job then you'll never notice these things but we had to mention them here because we spent time on them.  Okay, we're done trying to get credit for stuff no one cares about.

Stay Tuned!

With 1.9 being out for a couple months now, and devs coming and going, we can really focus on the things we need to bring the network up to the standard we originally set out to achieve.  We're not saying we'll be going public and advertising soon, but hopefully we'll be going public and advertising soon ;) :D

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