A Year of Achievement

caesay a posted Jan 1, 16

Us admins at socialshock just want to wish all our great players a happy new year, and also take a moment to celebrate and recognize our growing community. Although young, it has the beginnings of something great and we are well on our way to acheving our goals! 

As always - we have lots of new, fun stuff planned for this new year and are always open to feedback on the forums. Keep your eyes here for new information and check out the lobby area once and a while for any suprises that might pop up. Happy minecrafting in 2016!

There's a joke in there somewhere; implementing Jobs, and selling Heads, begs for a joke.  Anyways...

Get A Job! (or 3)

/jobs browse

Run that command, look at the GUI that pops up, do as the GUI says - it's that easy.  You can join up to 3 jobs and get paaaaaaaid.  However, we nerfed the shit out of the money that jobs pay.  The XP you get, both for ranking up in a job and XP earned in-game, are really over-powered still.  If you leave a job you'll take a hit against the job level you are leaving, so if/when you go back to that job you won't be at as high of a level.  As always, let us know any thoughts you have on it.


Because of plugins and what-not, putting heads up for sale has been a Pain. In. The. Ass.  Much love to gohawks18 for stepping up and getting shit done!  Point is:  HEADS ARE UP FOR SALE FINALLY!  Check out the Head Shop at spawn.  There are so many heads that will add a lot of life to your builds so enjoy!  Oh, and all proceeds will be deposited into a server bank account and we'll use that money for fun stuff later.

Plots Are Ready!

Survival AND Creative plots.  In Survival, that means the market plots around spawn.  In Creative, that means the flat plots around spawn.  You can walk across the plots and see how much they are.  If you have the permissions to purchase districts (currently Soldier or higher), and the money, then you can start buying!  Some notes:

  • There are 5 plots along the main avenue at Survival spawn.  This is prime real estate.  Those 5 plots will also include a 3-line holographic sign with words of the owner's choosing.  We will edit that sign for the owner once every month.
  • There will be NO cornering of the plot market;  purchase the plots you need, not every plot you can afford.  We will enforce this with ruthless prejudice.
  • Look for a "Market Owners Association" Forum soon.  We have some basic rules for the Markets, but the owners themselves will vote and set the day-to-day rules.  Will we get a bunch of Nazi's that demand every shop be made of wood and have carpet awnings?  That's up to the Market Owner's Association.


We're working on 'em!  We have a couple of really cool ones that just aren't working right now and we're talking with the devs to see what the hell we, or they, are doing wrong.  There will be another update about the games but, with all the stuff above implemented, we can finally start putting some of our focus on GAMES!

CloudBound you guys are doing a great job getting this server together
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